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For her husband and all her children, see Zimmermann Family.

Agathe Zimmermann was the mother of Elise Zimmermann and the wife of farmer Gustaf Zimmermann. She is a minor character in the short story "Waiting for the Rain"—part of the Remember short story collection—and in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. She is voiced by Lani Minella, who also voices Agathe’s daughter, Elise.[1]


Agathe Zimmermann was the wife of a dairy farmer, Gustaf Zimmermann, who was based near the town of Altstadt, as well as the foreboding Brennenburg Castle.[2] She was kidnapped by Alexander of Brennenburg and Daniel along with the rest her family on August 18th, 1839.[3] She helped her daughter escape from their confinement, which led to her being murdered by Daniel.

Early life[]

Agathe presumably was born in Altstadt sometime in the late 18th to early 19th Century. At some point in time she married Gustaf Zimmermann and had four surviving children, Friedrich, Margarethe, Elise, and an unnamed infant daughter. She was known to have favoured her eldest daughter over her middle one, due to the latter’s perceived lack of discipline.[4]

Events of Waiting for the Rain[]

In August, 1839, Agathe and her family were in the Altstadt cemetery, burying Friedrich, who had died of typhoid fever. Agathe appears to have been heartbroken by her son’s death, yet is shocked by Gustaf’s proclamation that one of their daughters should have died instead.[5]

Events of The Dark Descent[]

No, I won't tell. I'll never tell you!

Agathe Zimmermann, in reply to Daniel in a flashback in the Prison.

Alexander, who was running out of prisoners to harvest Vitae from, journeyed with Daniel to the Zimmermann Farm, where they struck down Gustaf and kidnapped Agathe along with her three children and the farmhands, locking them inside Brennenburg. Agathe and her remaining family were located up in the Prison, with her being put in the same cell as her daughter, Elise.

Escape Plot[]

Agathe managed to break open a small hole in the cell floor for Elise to escape through.[6] She told Elise to escape from the castle and to search for Gabriel, who would then alert the king's men.[6] Elise begged her mother to follow, but Agathe chose to stay, as they ran out of time due to someone approaching the cell.[6] Elise entered the hole and began to look for a way out.[6] The approaching man turned out to be Daniel.[7]

Daniel then interrogated Agathe about her daughter’s whereabouts, but she refused to tell him anything.[7] He then murdered her before leaving to search for Elise, with him finding her in one of the dungeon corridors.[7] He chased her down, and brutally murdered her in the Storage.[7][8][9]



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