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OriginalAdventure light comparison

Comparison of how the spaces look in the Original versus the Adventure mode

Adventure Mode is a game mode with reduced scares, allowing Amnesia: Rebirth to be played as more of a story-driven adventure game, rather than as a survival horror.


Adventure mode announcement

Adventure Mode for Amnesia: Rebirth was released for PC on March 30, 2021.[1] Some of the gameplay mechanics are reduced—namely, players do not have to worry about Tasi getting too scared from the darkness, and monsters do not attack unless provoked.[1] Where in the original mode these mechanics are prominent, the Adventure Mode replaces them with puzzles. The spaces are much better lit, allowing the players to focus on exploring, rather than rationing matches and lamp oil. Rebirth Creative Lead, Frederik Olsson compared it to the previously released "Safe Mode" for their science fiction horror game SOMA, saying that "Adventure Mode is pretty similar."[1]


The Fortress[]

Wall puzzle

Hole in a wall that Tasi has to use to exit when not chased by a ghoul in The Fortress.

Ghouls are not at all present. There are no jumpscares with sightings and the level is not ended by a chase scene. Chase scene is replaced by a simple puzzle including a hole in the wall that Tasi has to crawl through. The flashback hinting at the presence of ghouls appears, but the actual monster is not there. The supply room door is also unlocked right away.

The Cistern[]


Cogwheel system partly replacing a ghoul encounter in The Cistern

A wheel near the workbench

A wheel near the workbench partly replacing a ghoul encounter

The presence of the monster is reduced here as well. A ghoul is briefly seen disappearing into a canal at the beginning of the level. The presence of the ghoul around the workbench is replaced by two systems/puzzles - a cogwheel system to open the gate leading to the workbench area and a wheel next to the workbenches to open the gate leading to the next area that the player then has to run through. As there is no danger from the ghoul a piece of dialogue where Tasi tells her baby after escaping the ghoul: "I don't know what's happening to me, but if you're here it can't be too bad. We'll get through this, I just need to stay out of the darkness," is omitted.

Where the player would have to hide from another ghoul in the Original mode, in the Adventure mode you they simply see the ghoul make their way ahead further into the canals.

Water chase with the ghoul is replaced by a puzzle where you have to find your way up a wall with the help of bricks and planks and then finding your way through the canals while not being chased by a monster.

The Hunting Grounds[]

When going to the maze, Tasi does not hear the transformed Leon De Vries growling in Afrikaans. When going through the maze, Leon does appear, but not right away. There is the cutscene where Leon and Tasi interact and recognise each other, but afterwards Leon does not chase you. He is present and heard talking, but is less aggressive.

The Catacombs[]

The ghouls do not hunt Tasi in the Catacombs at all, there is a huge room full of sleeping ghouls that do not notice Tasi and growl very little.

After solving the puzzle with spiky gate, ghouls do not follow Tasi either.

The Laboratory[]

No wraith is present in the Laboratory, Tasi is only attacked by the shadow as she carries the light disperser through the chamber. Wraiths are then seen floating above the carriages when Tasi goes to leave.

In the Lower Laboratory, the wraith is seen walking around with a lantern but does not attack. It is also present when walking through the water towards the elevator, but is not actively searching the area for Tasi.


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