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Abdullah was a member of the excavation team led by Professor Thurston Herbert to the Algerian desert. He is mentioned in documents found in the games Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: Rebirth.


Abdullah and his team were ordered to excavate the Tomb of Tin Hinan by Herbert.[citation needed] At the time of Daniel's entrapment in the tomb's Orb Chamber, he was most likely there to evacuate Daniel, and presumably took the role as the exploration leader.

By the time Herbert located the second Orb, strange murdering began to cause chaos in the excavation team. He was immediately sent to the French consulate to report on the current situation, but the Shadow, the true mastermind behind the massacre, maimed him.[citation needed] Abdullah was left in critical state when the French officials found him, as he deliriously reported that something terrible attacked the team.[citation needed] A search party was sent to locate the other workers, but none of them, including Herbert himself, were found.[citation needed]


2nd of July 1839[]

I received a letter today from the Algerian governor's office disclosing the fate of Herbert's expedition. About a week after my departure, Abdullah, one of the men travelling with us, returned from the desert. He was badly injured as if maimed by a lion. The man rambled deliriously about the expedition being attacked by something horrible.

The French quickly dispatched a search party to look for the expedition. After searching for days, they found the camp abandoned without any trace of Herbert or his men. Tomorrow I'll retrieve the things they recovered from Herbert's tent at the customs house. I don't know what to make of it, but I'm worried for him.

20th May 1839[]

Those imbeciles. How dare they sacrifice my expedition to their superstition. The camp is in chaos and they blame the Orb. They won't get their hands on it. I shot one of them to put them in their place. It can't be helped, they are animals, all of them. They killed four men in the most gruesome way. Their skinless bodies torn apart. They say the desert took them, but I know murder when I see it. I have sent Abdullah to contact the French in Algiers.

22nd May 1839[]

That thing is after me. It has been hunting me for days. But I keep out of its trail, so I will persevere. I can see a settlement at the edge of the desert. I'm getting closer. I can see it. But it is not me, it is Abdullah. Through his eyes I see, his mind I hear. Confined to myself, I see only death dressed in the Orb's darkest shadow.


  1. Algeria was a French colony from 1830–1848, and a full part of France proper 1848–1962, hence the use of the French tricolor flag to refer to Algerians of this time-period.